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Miter Square Poncho

I designed this pattern in 2004, when three knitting trends were at the top of their interest: modular knitting, big yarn/big needles, and ponchos. In theory it might be dated, but this simple garment still gets compliments, every time I wear it. Spinners and especially farmers, love the arms free length. Wear it with a button up or long sleeve tee shirt and your favorite jeans.

Mitered squares are a fun, speedy way to use up extra bits of yarn: left overs or spare skeins. Use lighter wight yarns doubled or held together with other colors and yarns, to make up the chunky weight of the finished piece.

Choose your yarns with a color theme in mind. If you donít feel comfortable selecting colors in a vacuum, use a piece of artwork as inspiration: it could be a painting from a Great Master, an illustration from a childrenís book, or an ad from a magazine. Select colors in the proportion you see in your source material. Be sure to include some unusual textures; this is a great way to use up little bits of novelty yarns. Also, donít be afraid to throw in a little bit of a "zinger" color, one that is opposite your main colors on the color wheel. It will pop!

Finished Size
One size fits most women. If you require a much larger size, make your squares over 33 stitches instead of 31; smaller, work over 29.

12-14 stitches and rows = 4"/10cm over garter stitch. Using a variety of yarns will give slightly inconsistent gauges between squares, but it all comes out fine in the end. Honest. Your first square should measure around 4.5-5".

A collection of 15-20 yarns in chunky weights. Use finer yarns doubled or tripled to achieve gauge. The more yarns you use the richer the final look will be. I used mostly wool, if you use cotton your poncho will be heavier and have more drape than shown in the sample.

Skills Required
Easy miter square knitting. Knit, slip stitch, picking up stitches, double decrease. Perfect TV knitting.

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$7.00 USD  Add to Cart